what to expect

What can you expect from your builder during the construction process? Once construction is underway there are several things, as the homeowner, you should expect.

how to prepare

Converse with your neighbors before the project and give them a heads up.  They should expect some noise and traffic congestion.  Do the courteous thing and inform them as to what you’re planning and how long you expect it will take.  Invite them over to look at progress, they’re probably quite curious.

what to remove

Try to secure your animals and children so that they stay out of the construction area and workers way. It is important for their safety and ours.  Also, please do not allow them to walk around in your yard for they could step on a nail or something could fall from the roof.  We’ve never met a family pet that wears a hard hat.

The homeowner should remove items that surround the house and yard that could be in danger of damage or hinder the production.  We recommend parking your vehicles away from the house.

Materials will be delivered to the home site.  The homeowner should remove breakables from cabinets and walls as vibrations from deliveries and work may occur. Remove pictures from walls and store fragile items away from the work area.


Take care to cover items in your garage or attic as all of the walking and work on your roof may cause dust and gravel to rain down or fall through cracks. Yes, it is a part of nearly every construction site.  You’re going to find dust in places you didn't know existed. Dust permeates everything.  Although it is a bit frustrating, realize that you can’t contain it. Computers, electronic equipment, and furniture should be covered or removed.  After the construction is complete have a thorough cleaning, you may want to hire professionals.


While we do make every effort to respect you house and your privacy a few things should be kept in mind. During construction you can expect us to work from early morning to late afternoon.  Your privacy may be slightly interrupted.  If you’re a late sleeper you should throw on a bathrobe before that morning cup of coffee as maybe be working in your kitchen.  Make sure you close the curtains, as we will be walking in, on, or around your house and roof.

other questions

  • Help your contractor out by telling us where your outdoor electrical outlets are if you have any.  Also it is pretty important to note where the septic tank is located to steer clear and avoid disturbing it.
  • A dump trailer or dumpster may be required at the home site for the removal of refuse, trash, debris, and demolition remnants.  This may remain on the property for the duration of the project.
  • Weather can cause delays.  This includes lightning, rainstorms, high winds, and snow or extreme cold temperatures.
  • Cabinets are among the last things installed with other finish materials and trim. Don't worry, we'll get there.

remain upbeat

Everyone should expect a fair price, good communication and above all a relationship. To avoid confusion, delegate only one family spokesman. Remodeling a house is a challenge, but you can relax. Everyone involved wants to avoid nightmares. If you have questions about your project, just ask!  EH Custom Homes should be your builder!