Deciding to build an addition to your house is a great idea. You can increase the size of your home without the expense of a new house. There are many factors you should consider when planning your addition and you should consult with an experience professional. EH offers residential design services which can help you design the right addition for you.

The most important key factor when planning your new addition is to know what you plan to use this space for, whether your needs are geared towards entertaining, relaxation, a growing family, recreation, storage or simply increasing your living space.

Before a single shovel-full of dirt is ever moved, it is essential to have home addition plans drawn up. EH can work with you to discuss different ideas, which will save you from headaches down the road well into a project. A well planned addition usually produces a more smoothly executed project. We want you to be confident that the design we have agreed upon will fit your needs and blend well with your existing home.

From a financial perspective is it also important to have detailed building plans drawn up when building a home addition. This will ensure a more accurate estimate of the cost of the proposed project in both time and money. Call EH today, so we can be your home addition builder!

Garage Addition - Before and After